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More Action in Ninja

Ninja Gaiden II has arrived for the benefit of Ninja fans wanting to see a more advanced version of the Ninja Gaiden series. This has come about because of the comments of players in the video games reviews. It boasts of more action than the previous version and will surely delight the ninja fighters.

Ryu Hayabasu, as the hero of Ninja Gaiden, has to be guided by the players on a mission to avenge the destruction of his people and to prevent the annihilation of the people of the earth. Ryu has a powerful collection of ninja weaponry, and players will have to help Ryu to fight his way through an evil world and through the many dangers and perils in his journey. You as a player can take advantage of the new game play, complete with an auto-generating health system, to keep you in top form to fight new enemies in the new combat scenes which are more thrilling and exciting. You can even include in your posting on the video games reviews later on how you think your capabilities as a fighter can be o improved.

Ninja Gaiden II is much improved from the previous Ninja Gaiden. The game play calls for much faster action and the combats are more furious and bloodier. With the new weaponry you use as a player, you can annihilate armies of enemy ninjas and demons which pop up continuously to keep you busy in combat. This new version is definitively more action-packed and as you slice at the armies you face, the effect results in the screen exploding with color, sound and the gory mixture of particles and various body parts of the enemies you have slain.

The Tecmos Team Ninja has introduced new changes to correct the problems which were frustrating in the earlier version. They must have gotten some new ideas from the video games reviews of the earlier Ninja Gaiden versions. Now, if you lose a battle, you can just restart form the start of the encounter. Before, you had to go all the way back to the lead-in time – but this time that is no longer necessary. You can also save more points, with which you can replenish your health for more fighting with the seemingly endless waves of enemy ninjas coming at you every second of the fight. There are sequences even in the fight where your health can replenish on its own.

The main action though remains the same – but definitely more intense and harder fought. This time the fight is extra fast and bloody with the use of two buttons for the attack mode. You use one button as a jump button and of course the other one as a trigger for the blocking action. You can also create a series of slashes, punches and even high-flying, high-kicking motions with these buttons. But of course, this time you are more experienced and seasoned to help Ryu in his fights more effectively with the enemy ninjas. You are a better ninja fighter with the new weapons in Ninja Gaiden II. The video games reviews are definitely right in saying that there is more action than ever before in Ninja Gaiden II.

Tips for Gamers in Writing Video Game Reviews

Let’s face it the average video gamer has the attention span of a gnat. so of you are going to catch their attention when writing a video game review you need to do it quick. In other words, start with a 5-star method at the top. How many stars is it worth?

Next you must explain at the bottom who you rate the video games, and your criteria, because a true gamer is not interested in your opinion unless you quantify things. The next critical point of contention in video game review writing is to explain the level of play; is it for a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

Of course, the feel of the game, responsiveness and speed of play are also extremely important to the video gamer and its okay to tell it like it is. If the graphics are gay or they suck, then say so. How realistic are the characters and scenery? This is where you can go into detail about the landscape, buildings, attire of characters and how they interact, how real to life is it?

Another significant factor is the point system; is it fair, does it cheat the gamer, and are there ways to boost the point score using various strategies and tricks. If you really want your gaming reviews to get the five stars that you only give the very best video games that you review, then you must give the gamer pointers and tricks to better their scores, and better their chances of winning. Tips and tricks are the most interesting points of any gaming review, so don’t let us down.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

When purchasing new video games, Assassin’s Creed Revelations video game reviews have been quite high by gamers who have come to love the series of games, and have stated that it is better than the second game in the series, Assassin’s Creed II. The game offers an excellent story line, mixed with several twists and turns throughout the game, and it also answers several questions which were left by the first two video games in the series. Several video game reviews have also stated that the Altair sections are quite interesting, and will really speak to the gamers who loved the first game in the series. The game also offers a wide array of interesting characters that you will come across while playing, and has a great ending for those who like to jump ahead.

Constantinople is a very large city in the game, and is a big part of the game; you will find that while playing, you will spend several hours just exploring the city, to find hidden gems, and discover what it has to offer. As far as the platforming of the new video games series, there are a few sections in the game that are lacking, while others are great, and have plenty to offer. The visual effects are good, and the draw distances are also fairly impressive as you are playing. The game also offers a great sound track, much better than the first two games in the series. There are however a few areas in platforming that the developers missed on, especially first person platforming, which was not well thought out or developed by the creators and designers of the game. The Den defense also seems to be a bit out of place in the whole series of things.

Overall, Creed Revelations is far better than its predecessor Brotherhood, and the AC2 which is the first game in the series. The main character, Ezio, is a 50 year old man, who is on a mission to reach Masyaf to enter Altair’s library, in the original Assassin Castle. However, he first has to recover the five keys which Altair hid through the city of Constantinople, therefore this is the main storyline in the game, and this is where Ezio is going to spend most of the time, while meeting several new characters during his mission. The plot of the game also reveals many questions which were left behind by the first two games, and picks up about halfway through where the Brotherhood game in the series left off. Therefore, gamers are going to see the interaction between Altair and Ezio as the game develops. The story continues through this plot, and Ezio makes his way through Constantinople, to get to Altair’s castle, while searching for five keys. Overall the video game reviews for Assassin’s Creed Revelations have been fairly high.

Video Game Reviews Make the Game

Video games have features that make them special during the time they become most popular and get favorable video games reviews, as the video game makers never tire of creating new ideas to hold the interest of the video game players. The new game called Fracture is one of the newer games that has its own uniqueness. This new concept of terrain deformation means the rising and the dropping of sections of the ground as part of the battle scene.

Fracture’s story is imaginatively written and looks far into the future, as the game depicts the years far into the 23rd century. The United States at that time faces a serious problem of oceanic flooding around its coasts because of global warming. Because of the global warming problem, the story is that the United States resorts to the use of terrain deformation in that future time, to build a wall on both sides of the continent to prevent the oceans from coming in to flood the whole country. This scenario came into the minds of the makers of Fracture after they reviewed the video games reviews of their fantasy games that they have been making. The players can be a rich source of more fantastic ideas that they lost after playing any video game.

The area in the middle however is left without any walls, as the story goes, which lead to the division of the continent into the West coast and the East coast. As the years passed the East coast went into technology and cybernetics, while the West coast preferred going into gene modification and molecular biology. These differences between the two sides later on led to a civil war where the East coast was for the prevention of the destruction of humanity by the West coast through gene modification.

Jet Brody, one of the players in the game, is a soldier in the east side of the United States or the Alliance side. His mission is to stop and eliminate the aggressive dictator in the west side who aims to take full control of the world. The whole game revolves around this conflict all throughout.

The game Fracture uses terrain deformation as a highlight of this game, as the makers of the game try to create a huge fan following among the players with this unique concept. When you play the game you can raise or lower the ground leading to the immense possibilities that terrain deformation can give to the play. While playing the game you can use grenades that rise or lower the ground to hide yourself from enemy fire. The enemy has the same capability of terrain deformation. This is important, as your shooting at the enemy will depend on your location – whether above or below- the enemy. As the enemy has the same facility to effect terrain deformation, the game becomes more thrilling and exciting, as you try to outwit your enemy. He does the same to you, so your speed is vital in the game. You develop this speed as you get to learn more about the game. You can also get some techniques from the video games reviews of Fracture who played ahead of you.